Kilsby Family/John B. Cobb, Jr., Professor of Process Studies at Claremont School of Theology,
Professor of Religion and Philosophy at Claremont Graduate University,
Co-Director of the Center for Process Studies, and Executive Director of the Whitehead Research Project

Conferences Organized . . .

for the Whitehead Research Project

  • A Whiteheadian Laboratory: Featuring Erin Manning, Brian Massumi, and the SenseLab
    December 1-3, 2016 [website]
  • Rethinking Symbolism: Whitehead and the Problems of Thought, Language, and Culture
    December 4-6, 2014 [website]
  • Whitehead: The Next Generation
    December 1-3, 2011 [website]
  • Metaphysics and Things: New Forms of Speculative Thought
    December 2-4, 2010 [website]
  • Becomings, Misplacements, Departures: Butler and Whitehead as Catalysts for Contemporary Thought
    December 3-5, 2009 [website]
  • Beyond Metaphysics? Transcontinental Explorations in Alfred North Whitehead's Late Thought
    December 4-6, 2008 [website | conference report]
  • Event & Decision: Ontology & Politics in Badiou, Deleuze, and Whitehead
    December 6-8, 2007 [website | conference report]

for the Center for Process Studies

  • Conviviality in a Multireligious Community
    February 19-21, 2012
  • Theopoetics and the Divine Manifold
    April 22-24, 2010 [conference report]
  • Process Conversations I: Catherine Keller and Roland Faber
    March 2-3, 2006